In the past, it was assumed that the full moon was responsible for people to sleepwalk, which is why the phenomenon was long referred to as people being moonstruck.


The somnambulism (from Latin somnus - sleep and ambulare - walking) is also known as lunatism (moonstruck) or sleepwalking.


It refers to a state of unconciousness during which a human being perfom activities while totally asleep. It only lasts a few minutes.



In dim light, a girl upside down wearing a white nightgown hangs wrapped in a silky white fabric.

Her gentle and delicate movements holding tatters of white cloth are an illusion of pouring milk, and the arousal from a state of unconciousness.


As the piano music rises, she swings and tumbles, falls and turns in a poetic and lyrical number in which you are invited to take part in a journey through physical thinking between dreaming and awakening.


Duration: 5:12 min.

Height: 6 - 8m

One hanging point that supports 300kg.


Five minutes to forget about gravity, reality and the moment of time, filled with fluent movements between the ground and above.


creation 2010


by and with Victoria Roos