Spheric E-motion presents elegant and choregraphed stage shows and walk-act performances of dance in transparent spheres.

Shows creations in balls for events, galas, festivals, trade fairs, circus, cabarets, variety entertainments…

Bubble acts with 1, 2, 3, 4 or more globes!

Ballons performances  indoor or outdoor, on stage, on a soft ground floor or on the water!

The talented circus artists, dancers, aerialists, mimes and musicians of Spheric E-motion with their crystal spheres are famous for their astonishing acts in which the dynamic staging is mixing dance and acting with the «bubble move» technical and becoming a reference of this new and original circus show.

Spheric E-motion, due to it special characteristics and flexibility concerning illumination and music, can perform its different and elegant choreographed dance performances in balls on a stage or amongst the audience as walk-act using one, two, three, four or more bubbles/dancers.

Each performance is a unique collaboration adapted to provide a show for and in any occasion. The dancers moves around creating beautiful images and poetic atmospheres. The performances can be linked with any theme, to suit your needs.

The performances are organized by the French artist Emilie Bajard living in Berlin and Bordeaux. She is experienced in choreographing for big dance shows with or without bubbles. She travels worldwide to present her performances.

Emilie Bajard works with, and has access to a vast international network of artists from different styles and disciplines including musicians, singers, dancers, aerialists amongst others.

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