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Here, you can have a fast look on all our shows videos with the transparent bubbles. Afterwards, you can take more time to watch the beautiful bubble pictures. And last but not least, you can read informations texts about all our fascinating shows with plastic bubbles.

All our shows acts in, around & above the transparent spheres can be played on stage, on the floor with carpet or dance floor – inside or outside – with not too warm or not too cold weather!

Here, let’s go to have a look on these astonishing performances inside bubbles:

Silver Blue 

Our new dance choreography in the plastic globes, from solo to 5 balls on stages.

From 5 minutes to 10 minutes show choreographed.

Available as walk-act.


 Our classic act with dance in the spheres, from solo to 5 balls on stages. In white or in red.

From 5 to 10 min. show choreography on stage or on the ground floor.

Available as walk-act.


Circus solo show with Hula-Hoop, dance and acrobatics in a big sphere of 2,70 meter.

Duration: 6 min. – Space: 8 x 10 meters (adaptable)

Available as walk-act.

Sphère Céleste

One Dancer in a globe, one Aerial on tissues/trapeze and one Violinist – Duration 10 min.

Ideal stage 8 x 10 meters – Hanging point in the middle of the stage – 6,50 meters high minimum.

Onde Océane

Unique choreography dance show with floating bubbles on the water.

In white or red, 10 or 7 min. show on non moving water!


 Two dancers in one transparent magic ball. Dance contact choreography of 7 min.

Ideal space: 8 x 10 meters. 

Available as walk-act.

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