Sphere Celeste

Sphere Celeste is a worldwide acclaimed theatre show for gala and festival. With an aerial acrobat, a dancer in a transparent bubble and a violinist. In brief, a curious flying aerial acrobat on tissues/trapeze, coupled with a sweet clownesque dancer in her transparent bubble. Lastly, a graceful storyteller accompanying the performance with her violin.

Duration 11 minutes – Ideal stage 8 x 10 meters, Minimum 6 x 8 meters, smooth & flat floor, ramp access. Hanging point in the middle of the stage – 6,50 meters high minimum.

Above all, this performance is a collaboration of highly trained international artists renowned for their astonishing acts and professionalism. The dynamic staging mixes dance, music, acting, and aerial acrobatics with the “bubble technique” and its choreography. The fantasy is brought to you by 3 extremely talented soloists with extensive experience with backgrounds in circus, dance, aerial acrobatics, mime and musical performance

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