Eldile is our poetic and dynamic dance show in tranparent bubble. It can be performed on stage for gala events or on flat & clean ground in festivals. To be played with 1 to 5 spheres/dancers – in white or in red costumes.

Duration of the show: solo – 4 ou 6 min. – or more than 1 bubble – 6 or 8 or 10 min.

About spacing for this show, the most important is to inform us about the EXACT SIZE of the performance space! So, then we can work on the choreography and adapt it to the available space! For example: With 1 or 2 bubbles: 7m width X 5m deep X 2.50m height Or 3 or 4 bubbles: 9m width X 8m deep X 2.50m height But still 4 or 5 bubbles: 12m width X 10m deep X 2.50m height

Round, soft, sensual, visual and particularly dynamic; this dance show in transparent bubble will surprise your eyes and enchant your heart!

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