Onde Océane

Have you ever seen a fairy walking on water? Spheric E-Motion make it with his special water dance performance inside spheres: Onde Océane. An unique and original show choreography play on the water!

Our special water dance show can be played ONLY on calm water like small lakes, ponds, swimming-pools, fountains.

NO MOVING WATER : no river, no creek, no see, no ocean, no bay, no harbour!

With emotion and sensation Onde Océane will dazzle you, and amaze you by its poetry. A dream of mermaids. Sliding over the water, light like a swan passing in your dreams, the spheres appear, breezing, over reality.

The dancers in the floating bubbles play with the equilibrium and instability of their globe. They are floating around in their transparent sphere. They want to come closer to you, get in touch with you. Like the sailor with the siren, held hostage by their sphere, they leave you in an imaginary dream become reality.

With 1 to 8 bubbles. – Duration: 10 min. – Can be played 2 times by day. Two choreographies available in white or in red.

Onde Océane is not an animation but a very special show act. It is an intense and sportif performance for the artists. It is also a risky act! The artists are trapped in a balloon floating on water… We are working with divers under water. They will bring the artists/balls where they have to be (in front of the public) and they make the choreography in the space. At the end they will bring them back. And last but not least, they are here for the security of the artists! Be aware, this show will ask time and serious for the preparation on location. Details about the location will be asked to you before to accept the date in option for your event.

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To know if it is possible to play our floating bubble performance on your water location, please, get in contact with us!

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