Videos Shows

All our shows acts in, around & above the transparent spheres can be played on stage, on the floor with carpet or dance floor – inside or outside – with not too warm or not too cold weather!

Silver Blue

 Our new dance choreography in the plastic globes, from solo to 5 balls on stages.

From 5 minutes to 10 minutes show choreographed.

Available as walk-act.


 Our classic act with dance in the spheres, from solo to 5 balls on stages. In white or in red.

From 5 to 10 min. show choreography on stage or on the ground floor.

Available as walk-act.


Circus solo show with Hula-Hoop, dance and acrobatics in a big sphere of 2,70 meter.

Duration: 6 min. – Space: 8 x 10 meters (adaptable)

Available as walk-act.

Sphère Céleste

One Dancer in a globe, one Aerial on tissues/trapeze and one Violinist – Duration 10 min.

Ideal stage 8 x 10 meters – Hanging point in the middle of the stage – 6,50 meters high minimum.

Onde Océane

Unique chorégraphy dance show with floating bubbles on the water.

In white or red, 10 or 7 min. show on non moving water!


 Two dancers in one transparent magic ball. Dance contact choreography of 7 min.

Ideal space: 8 x 10 meters. 

Available as walk-act.