Spheric e-Motion presents elegant shows in transparent bubbles.

Short and intense acts in which the dynamic staging uses dance and acting with the "bubble move" technique.

Spheric e-Motion‘s talented circus artists, dancers, acrobats, mimes and musicians work together to create each production. They are distinguished by more than 15 years of experience with performances in Europe and Asia.

Spheric e-Motion is also known for its flexibility. We design the performances according to your needs and wishes and customise the show.
Turn your gala, festival or sporting event into a special event.

We perform at festivals, city festivals, at fairs or in shopping galleries, enrich cabarets, variety shows or support your product launch.

The performances are conceived and organised by the French artist Emilie Bajard. She has many years of experience in choreographing large shows with and without a ball. She has been travelling the world for over 25 years to present her creations.
She has access to a large international network of artists of different styles and disciplines.


All performances can be played on stage or on a smooth, level floor. Performances indoors depend on the space available. The balls have a diameter between 2 meters and 2.70 meters, which varies according to the number.

Outdoors, certain conditions must be observed depending on the season.
The plastic balls are fragile and bulky objects. Therefore, close cooperation is required between the organisers, the directors and Spheric e-Motion to set up the performances, choose the locations and make the backstage preparations.

Performances must not last longer than 15 minutes. The oxygen supply in the spheres is limited. The temperature rises very quickly.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any technical questions. Together we will check the feasibility for your event and find suitable technical solutions.
We look forward to work with you to make your event a success, to make the dream come true!

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