Watch here the videos of our different shows performances

Gala stage shows and walk-acts

Our short and intense shows are particularly popular and suitable for corporate gala evenings. We offer elegant and rhythmic acts from 4 to 10 minutes on stage.
Our unique and playful walk acts are a guaranteed surprise for your guests. With grace, to the music of your event, we adapt our performance to the space available and the style of the evening.

Festivals shows and walk-acts

At festivals, we adapt our choreographies for more interactivity with the audience, more clowning and surprises. The audience can touch the bubbles and clap their hands to the rhythm of the jumps! For the big rooms, we have a team of dancers who compete with the audience as referees! But there is a few rebel, a lazy one and a clever one in the team….

Choreographies for sport events

For opening ceremonies or major sports finals, we have experience in creating visual choreographies adapted to large spaces. Close collaboration must be sought. Each choreography is unique and is created in collaboration with the organiser. The music is chosen together.

Animation in mall and trade fairs

We have extensive experience with shows and walkacts in trade fairs and shopping centers around the world and to adapt our performances to the space available with the style of the event. A security guard should always be present with the artists.

Show choreography on the water

Have you ever seen a fairy walk on water?
Our bubble show on water is unique. The choreographies include the movement of the bubbles in the space and the dance of the artist in the sphere. We work with a team of professional divers to ensure the choreography and the safety of the dancers.

Our water show can only be performed on shallow and calm waters, such as small lakes, ponds, pools or fountains.
NO MOVING WATER: no rivers, no streams, no seas, no oceans, no bays or harbours!
Please note that it will not be possible to perform our show on water in some infinity pools!

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